School Information

Al-Madany Sunday School Information

Expectations from Parents

  • Reinforcement:

    Reinforce what is taught in class. Sunday School is only three hours once a week, which has minimal impact as compared to what is learned from parents at home. Part of reinforcement is tracking your child’s progress and ensuring all assigned homework is complete.

  • School Supply List:

    Backpack, notebook, folder, pencil, crayons (age 7 and younger), and a water bottle to fill up water from water fountain. Ensure your child(ren) brings these items to school each week.

  • Pick-Up/Drop-Off:

    Promptly drop-off (10:30 a.m.) and pick-up (1:30 pm.) your child inside the Masjid.

  • Volunteer Opportunities:

    Arrival/dismissal duty, event coordination snack set-up, administrative help. We ask that parents volunteer in any capacity they can.

Morning Assembly

All students will gather in the community hall downstairs for assembly. Assembly will be from 10:30-10:45a.m. The purpose of the assembly is to start the school day with du’a and discuss a topic related to our theme, current events, or major Islamic holidays. The theme of the assembly this year will be “Virtue of the Week”. Parents are welcome to join the assembly, however, we respectfully ask that side conversations be taken outside so as not to disrupt the presenter and students.


To streamline snacks for the children, a snack committee will manage and coordinate weekly snacks. We ask that parents sign up to provide snacks for 180 individuals one time throughout the year. Families volunteering to bring snacks are strongly encouraged to provide healthy non-sugary options, avoid snacks with nuts, and provide individualized snacks. To volunteer bringing snacks, please email


School starts promptly at 10:30 a.m. Attendance will be monitored at that time. If your child needs to miss a day of Sunday School or needs to be picked up early, please notify School Administration in advance via email It will be the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to collect missed homework material and catch up with the class. If a student has repeated tardies or absences, the parent/guardian will be contacted and intervention will be determined, as appropriate.


School Schedule

Sunday School Schedule
10:30-10:45 Assembly
10:45-11:30 1st Period
11:30-12:15 2nd Period
12:15-12:30 Recess & Snack
12:30-1:15 3rd Period
1:15-1:30 Learn to Pray & Duhur Prayer